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rankless comic 01- Wowie Zowie
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RANKLESS - #01 - Wowie Zowie

Hello Rankless newbies and die-hards! Welcome to page one of my new comic, Rankless! If you are indeed new here and want to learn more about Rankless, then feel free to mosey about the website. Might I recommend the Rankless the Comic homepage? There's a lot of cool information there including a story synopsis and a link to my Patreon.

But wait, what about the die-hards? Are you re-reading from the beggining again? Or just chillin' online until the newest page drops? If so, then WONDERFUL! Haha. I realize I may be a tad presumptuous here, but come on, it's fun to imagine. Whatever the case may be, I am happy you're here. Look forward to more updates every Wednesday.

P.S. I know a website needs a call to action sort of thing, so if you're reading this, please read and comment. You'll see the comment section below. Have fun! ....Oh, but if I see one penis enlargement ad or spam about inheriting eight million from a deceased uncle, I am SHUTTING YOU DOWN! Just FYI. Peace!

Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2018

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