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RANKLESS #63 - Grizzly

false black bear meme

Yo, Rankless comic fans and welcome to another great page titled "Grizzly." VR mistakes Josh's mom Lori for a bear based on her pull streghth alone and warns Josh to stay back. Josh, obviously knowing it isn't a bear is rightfully concerned as VR gets yanked toward the attic floor entrance.

I'd like to go on more about something here, perhaps bears. I'm tying to do this SEO thing and honestly, it's just a mess. No organic traffic here at all, except the black bears and grizzly bears of course. What a hot meme, eh? But seriously, I would love for someone to read this and post a comment or two. It's a hard time, I tell you what. Anyways, I'm going to quote a wiki about grizzly bears below. Feel free to read it in Dwight Schrute's voice from "The Office." Haha.

bears beets battlestar galatica

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Author: Ryan Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2022.

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