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rankless comic 74

RANKLESS #74 - Lost Signal

EVA meme

Back with another page. Can anyone guess the inspiration for removing the helmet in the last panel? Hehe, I'll wait....In any case, this page pushes the story forward. You may recall someone watching Josh early on in the comic. Well it looks like we may be about to meet the mysterious, tech savvy stalker.

So off topic...but kinda on point-- what with the techie stuff comin' up in Rankless. AI is getting out of control, huh? I remember the good old days when AI helped fix grammar and sentense structure. Maybe re-write a paragraph to be shorter, or info dump lists of the top 10 Emo bands of the 90's. What the heck happened? Jeez, there's AI now that can replace you in a Zoom meeting...like wut, why even have a job?

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Author: Ryan Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2024.

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