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rankless comic 57
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RANKLESS #57 - Hill and Tatum

21 jump street meme

Hey Rankless fans, I have a new page up for you titled "Hill and Tatum." Aptly named after the characters in 21 Jump Street. A couple of important things are hidden wthin this page. First, VR likes "old" movies like 21 Jump Street. I interesting. Second, we hear in dialog a name drop. The name in question is "Rhedmond." Hm, who is this Rhedmond, is it VRs true identity? Is VR referencing a movie character or some other person? Double interesting...Only time will tell.

Getting back to the movie bit, 21 Jump Sreet is a great movie. The original series is good, but the Clone High guys got ahold of it for the movie remake and it is just comedy gold. Hill and Tatum are excellent together which is why I had VR refer to him and Josh as such but with "more chemistry." Which is VR's way of saying, hey Josh, I think you're cool. Alas, it seems their budding friendship may not last as VR mentions something ominous in the last panel. What could he mean? We'll you'll find out on the next Rankless page. See you then. :)

Sticky News

I'll be printing a Living With Stacy book soon comprised of my first 100 comics! You can check out the GoFundMe page and pre-order the book here. Later y'all!


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Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2019

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