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RANKLESS #46 - No Time For Jokes

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Hello Rankless fans and welcome to the lastest comic called "No Time For Jokes." We see Josh hangin' around as Rhed drops mad puns.

In other news, my monitor is getting RMA'ed back for repairs or replacement. Depending on how smoothly things go there should be no delay in next week's comic. However, I have heard stories of the RMA process and well, some people don't get their tech back. Some tech is held hostage by the RMA team until a huge sum of money is paid by the customer for some outlandish reason. If that happens to me there will be a delay in next week's comic as I will need a new monitor. Here's hoping all goes well. Phew...Anyone have any suggestions? Haha.

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Author: Ryan Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2022.

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