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RANKLESS #72 - Bear Feeder

Bear Feeder meme

Someone asked recently if I still drew Rankless or if it was complete and the ending left up to interpretation. The answer is, YES I do still draw Rankless and have at least 100 plus pages ready to upload (and perhaps even 7 seasons worth of story written). Over the years SEO and AI changes have been so vast and advancing so unforgivingly, that anything I upload or release just doesn't get seen. Social media is a joke-- Nothing anyone does gets seen online unless sanctioned by AI in some manner or involves nepotism.

Let's not even get into the fact that AI is creating a huge rift in the creative fields. It's such an ugly place rn. So, for those of you who are against AI art, for those of you who want your art to be seen, please support artists and creatives in any way you can (Comicad anyone?). I have a Patreon-- and if that gets some action, maybe I'll be confident that I can upload at a reasonable pace. For now, Rankless is something I enjoy emmensly on a personal level.

Also, there's this other comic called Rankless about dragons...and yeah, it should be renamed (no hate to the creator). My comic is the OG Rankless.

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I have a brand new website that I hand crafted! Yes indeed, I design websites AND draw comics. If you like it and would like one designed for your comic, contact me by smashing here. I'll give you a good quote. :)

Also, you may notice some amazing images on here from other comic artists and creators. That is because of the great and wonderful Comicad.net. Simply put, it is a comics, art and games ad network for comic artists, by comic artists. If you want to check it out then head on over to comicad.net now.

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Author: Ryan Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2024.

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